Report security vulnerability

Let us know if you have found a security vulnerability at G DATA

What is this about?

Security is a process, so you can support us and report any vulnerability in our software or website.

You have found a suspicious url, file, or app? Then please report this via this page

Security is a top priority for G DATA. As a leading company for IT security "Made in Germany", we look for the highest security standards in all our products. However, we alone are not always able to ensure that the search for weak points is complete. Therefore, we are dependent on information from others about weak points in our products.

G DATA does not take any legal action against persons acting in accordance with the guidelines listed below. Likewise, we are following all relevant laws.

Should you discover a security vulnerability in our software solutions or on our website, please let us know. We take all reports concerning the security of our products very seriously and will verify then immediately. To ensure that your report of a vulnerability reaches us as quickly as possible, you can report your discovery on this page. Every message will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Report a security vulnerability - simple and fast

You have found a vulnerability in our G DATA products or on our website? Share your findings with us by sending an email. Before sending off the message, please make sure that you have included all relevant details about the security vulnerability you detected. Your message is then immediately passed on to one of our experts for verification. If we can confirm the security vulnerability, we will take action to remedy it as quickly as possible. We might get back in touch with you in case there are any questions.

Important information to identify the vulnerability

  • Report each vulnerability via the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.
  • Encrypt your message using the G DATA PGP Public Key (Download).
  • Make sure that any documents or screenshots do not contain any confidential details (only information referring to the vulnerability you discovered).
  • Describe the vulnerability you detected in a detailed and reproducible way. This will make it possible for us to substantially speed up the entire process.
  • Feel free to attach screenshots or screen recordings to better visualize the flaw you discovered.
  • Let us know which tools you have used in your analysis.
  • Did you use a particular technique or mode of attack?
  • Do you have any suggestions for remediation or mitigation or would like to offer additional support? Let us know and make sure to provide contact details.

In case of vulnerabilities in the software ...

  • if possible, attach any files that are able to exploit the vulnerability
  • if applicable, let us know the exact version number of the G DATA solution you discovered the security vulnerability in
  • let us know which operating system and which version of it you are running

In case of a vulnerability on the website ...

  • let us know which browser and which version of it you are running
  • let us know which plugins you have installed which may have an effect on the website